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CBRN Defence Planning & Incident Management 

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CBRN-Analysis is an advanced, off-the-shelf software-based CBRN Knowledge Management Application that includes Hazard Prediction and Warning and Reporting (W & R) capability. Configurable and modular, it provides commanders with rapid and accurate information to increase their CBRN situational awareness within an area where CBRN materials may be used. CBRN-Analysis effectively supports and enhances risk-management in all phases of an operation, both in the planning and pre-deployment phase, in-theatre and in the post- conflict or recovery phase.

The software automatically calculates the predicted CBRN hazard area and can quickly display that information on a map to the operator. The same data is used to identify key interest areas and units that are at risk. CBRN-Analysis is designed to provide commanders with rapid and accurate information to help increase their situational awareness of the battlefield and enable informed decisions for saving lives, protecting assets and maintaining efficient operations. 

CBRN-Analysis provides the user with the ability to set up defined ‘risk objects’ within the software. The ‘risk object’ can be a facility or any location that may be at risk from a CBRN incident, either as a target or as a known repository for hazardous materials. This ‘what-if’ scenario generation is a very powerful tool for effective planning; and facilitates time critical decision making and response.

CBRN-Analysis complies with the latest NATO standards. These include the NATO publications of STANAG 2103 ATP-45 Edition F Version 2 and STANAG 2497 AEP-45 Edition E Version 1. CBRN- Analysis is continuously updated to conform to these rapidly changing standards.

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