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Military and CBRNE applications have evolved to create a need for enhanced radiological detection equipment used by armed forces. Based on long-term experience and cooperation with customers, Mirion Technologies constantly improves and extends its range of military products, providing new solutions and innovative technologies against new threats to protect global defense forces.

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The RDS-32 Survey Meters are small handheld, battery operated radiation survey instruments. Due to its versatile functions and durability it is suited for a wide range of applications in civil defense, industrial use, nuclear power plants, laboratories, etc.

The meter features excellent ergonomics; lightweight and easy handling, with visual, audible, and vibration functions. Each meter includes an additional battery cover with belt clip to make it wearable, freeing the user’s hands to focus on their primary job.


With both Warning and Alarm levels users can know when they are approaching their limit without constantly monitoring their device and can act accordingly.

To extend the capabilities of the instrument, a wide variety of external Smart probes are available to meet user needs with any RDS-32 version. GMP-12/GMP-25 probes, and the full CSP™ probe range can be connected to all RDS-32 versions with an adequate cable. The selection includes probes for gamma and neutron dose rate and alpha and/or beta contamination with various detection areas and scaler counting.

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The SOR device is an electronic dosimeter with alarming and direct screen readout, designed to be seamlessly worn. The SOR dosimeter is part of the dosimetry system for contactless fi eld readers and software, to monitor the dose of personnel, tactical decisions, and health protection for operations other than war, and medical records.

It’s specially designed for military forces and their missions:

  • Non-combat operations including the occupational dose monitoring for personnel safety, and alarming to prevent excessive exposure (ALARA)

  • Combat operations including the INR (Initial Nuclear Radiation) dose monitoring (SOR/T) and residual dose (fallouts) monitoring.


The SOR dosimeter is suitable for all forces: land, Navy, air, and civil defense.

The SOR dosimeter has been selected by most of the NATO countries. Country-specific NATO Stock Numbers (NSN) are available.


  • Unique thin, small form factor, limiting any burden for the soldier

  • The SOR operates in the extreme conditions of the CBRN battlefield environment

  • Rugged field reader (XOM)

  • Contactless assignment and collection of the residual/ occupational dose, through clothes

  • Exercise mode for training sessions

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Covering a wide range of X-ray and Gamma radiation detection, our DMC 3000 Electronic Dosimeter represents over 25 years of real-world electronic dosimetry experience, continually refined through customer feedback.

The unique, high contrast and backlit LCD display provides a clear indication of wearer’s dose and ambient dose rate for deep dose equivalent. More importantly, multiple methods (audible, visual, and tactile) are utilized to alert the wearer of alarm conditions.

The DMC 3000 provides all of this protection, for over 3,000 hours of continuous use, with a single AAA alkaline battery. Best of all, connected with plug and play add-on modules the DMC 3000 offers detection and radio transmission capabilities beyond traditional use.

The DMC 3000 dosimeter offers an enhanced communication protocol for additional features and includes a compatibility mode for previous Mirion Technologies products including calibration tools, access control, turnstiles and telemetry infrastructure.


Key Features :

  • Loud, vibrating and dual ultrabright LED alarm

  • Highly visible backlit display

  • Simple 2-button navigation

  • Additional modules (Beta, Neutron, Telemetry and Neutron Telemetry)

  • Superior X-ray and gamma energy response (Hp(10) and Hp(0.07))

  • Exceeds applicable IEC and ANSI standards

  • Excellent immunity to electromagnetic interference

  • Designed for ruggedness and durability

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Mirion, and in-the-field professionals.

Only get alerts for real threats. The AccuRad PRD runs on innovative Variable Background Suppression (VBS), allowing operation in varying background environments and will alarm only for a real threat or hazard.

Get accurate radiation exposure readings. The AccuRad PRD provides dose measurement and dose alarms for radiological events, utilizing Mirion’s long-standing expertise in the radiation safety industry.

Analyze incoming information in real time. The app allows real-time data visualization and real-time data relays to increase situational awareness across many PRDs and other detectors. Compatible with a variety of platforms, including RadResponder, Sigma and SpirVIEW Mobile™ software.


The AccuRad PRD is the first PRD developed in close collaboration with state and federal law enforcement and first responders to fit seamlessly into their routines and address the most critical, in-the-field needs from a radiation detection device.


The AccuRad PRD is built:

For the reality of field work: rough treatment, harsh conditions. The AccuRad PRD is solid, durable, with an impact-resistant covering to stand up to the test, time and time again.

For discreet, hands-free detection. The AccuRad PRD is lowprofile and easy to read with the top-screen display. Users no longer need to remove the PRD to take a look.

For waterproof protection for when teams are (literally) putting out fires.

For “set it and forget it” use, with minimal training and maintenance required. The AccuRad PRD is in-the-field easy — simple to use even in the toughest situations and offers a tutorial library in the smartphone app.

For when you can’t let a source get away. Find the location of a radioactive hot spot in a large, busy environment with built-in directionality.

For an entire week, month, mission… without a battery change. The AA batteries in the AccuRad PRD last for 900 hours in the field, and are easily replaceable with commercial batteries.

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The MiniSentry 2 is a portal monitor for screening of pedestrians or vehicles for gamma radiation. It is designed to be quickly set up and operated with very little training or expertise in radiation detection technology. This portable system is well-suitable for emergency scenarios and security applications.

The monitor provides intuitive clean/contaminated status indication via the integrated LCD screen, LEDs, loud- speaker and an optional LED light tower. The modern firmware is simple to use and provides at the same time a comprehensive password protected expert settings menu. Three different measurement modes (walk-through, enter-wait, count-rate) are available to support various applications. All measurement data can be easily exported to a Microsoft Excel-readible *.csv files for further analysis. The background is automatically subtracted and constantly monitored if the light barrier does not sense a person or vehicle occupying the portal. Emphasis has been placed on self-diagnostics both on start-up and during operation to guarantee correct operation.


Quick and Easy Setup and Operation

  • Gamma portal monitor for rapid deployment and emergency response

  • Quick and easy setup with automatic start-up and operation

  • Simple clean/contaminated status indicator

  • Very little training or expertise in radiation detection needed

  • Weight less than 43 kg (95 lb)

Flexible Solution

  • Suitable for in- and outdoor operation in adverse weather conditions (IP54, -25 °C to 50 °C)

  • Three different measurement modes available (walk-through, enter-wait, count-rate)

  • Powered by battery (>65 hours autonomy1), USB or 100/240 V

  • Ready for connection of additional CSP™ probe (for example, α/β frisker probe SAB-100™ unit or SN-S™ neutron probe)

  • Many options and accessories available

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This RADIAC system allows real-time nuclear radiation monitoring in on-board or fixed applications. It detects and measures gamma radiation down to low levels (L.L.R) and provides alarm indication.

  • Detection and crew protection (ALARA concept)

  • Suitable for all types of vehicles (NBC Recce, AFVs/IFVs, soft skinned)

  • Flexible implementation either with or without display unit.

Covers broad range of threats:

  • Tactical operations

    • Direct exposure to gamma radiation

    • Gamma radiation issued from contamination

  • Peace keeping missions

    • Unprotected or orphan sources

  • Technological hazard

    • Point sources and spread contamination

  • Terrorism

    • Radiological Dispersal Device (RDDs)

According to recommendations & meets requirements of:

  • NATO AC/225 – D/104recommendations

  • AEP-14

  • IEC 532

  • Smart detector for inside and outside monitoring from Low Level Radiation to radiac threat levels

  • Flexible implementation

  • Low size and weight for implementation in space critical vehicle

  • Fast response time

  • Dose rate, mission accumulated dose and vehicle accumulated dose

  • High reliability, qualified to MIL standards, EMP and TREE protected

  • Two alarms, dose rate and mission dose

  • Adjustable thresholds over full measurement range

  • Local and remote alarms (with display unit)

  • Adjustable correlation/protection factors

  • History record of measurements and events

  • Flexible display and sound modes

  • Interfaces with Vehicle Management System and alarm system

  • Flexible mounting options (display unit): top or roof/wall mount

  • Provided with configuration software tool

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Mirion’s SPIR-Pack backpack is ideal for all applications requiring the efficient detection and identification of radiological and nuclear threats. These applications provide the protection for large public events, as well as readiness for radiological/nuclear interdiction.

The SPIR-Pack backpack is lightweight, comfortable to carry, and durable, with a long battery life for extended field operations. The SPIR-Pack system includes sensitive detectors that connect to a smartphone. It will only alarm in the presence of radioactive sources (not on background variations), so the smartphone can stay in the user’s pocket (or other carrying accessory) until a vibration and/or audible alarm indicates the presence of a source. The multifunctional smartphone app provides dose rate, nuclide identification and an innovative radar screen to indicate the direction of radioactive sources. Users also appreciate that the SPIR-Pack system uses the same app as the SPIR-Ace RIID, which greatly simplifies training time and makes it easier for users to manage both instruments.

The SPIR-Pack backpack provides outstanding radiation mapping capabilities. A group of SPIR-Pack units (and other instruments in the SPIR family) can be remotely monitored using the SpirVIEW Mobile supervision software for complete situational awareness.



  • Dynamic nuclide identification

  • Discrete monitoring in public places and crowds

  • Hands-free operation

  • Identifies sources in shielded transportation containers

  • Mapping capabilities

  • Indicates the direction of a source in a crowded location

  • Durable cable-free design

  • Small, lightweight, comfortable to carry

  • Remote supervision and radiological mapping with SpirVIEW Mobile

  • Reach-back (email with picture, comments and spectrum), file transfer, n42 streaming

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SPIR-View Mobile


The SpirVIEW Mobile software is designed for organizations and agencies responsible for monitoring and preventing nuclear and radiological terrorist threat. The SpirVIEW Mobile system manages monitoring of large scale events such as sport venues, conferences, conventions, critical infrastructure and more, providing area safety.

Emergency response crisis centers will also benefit from direct communication with the Field Monitoring Teams (FMTs), for tasks like plume monitoring, mapping of exclusion areas, sampling, or ground contamination surveys.

The SpirVIEW Mobile software provides an aggregated map for all the devices of interest. It centralizes the alarms from the various units deployed in the field. Thanks to the rapidly available detailed data, SpirVIEW Mobile software provides operator guidance for the deployed field units. Threat and risk analysis is easily compiled as a report and transmitted to authoritative analysis and adjudication.

SPIR-View Mobile


  • Real-time radiological situational awareness

  • Data fusion: pedestrians, ground vehicles, aircraft, marine vessels, UAVs, rovers, robotics

  • Secured no-loss data transfer and storage

  • Facilitate communication with the field and the regulatory authorities

  • Remote alarm confirmation (Reachback)

  • Data hosted by the organization

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