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dormakaba offers an unmatched portfolio of ultra-secure Safe-locks. dormakaba’s portfolio covers almost all government, banking, business, transit, and personal securing applications with high-security locks, electronic locks, and mechanical locks. dormakaba can look back on a 145-year history of security solutions and is proud to be built on Safe-lock brands such as KABA, Mas Hamilton, and LA GARD. The quality and reliability of dormakaba products will keep your property secure in all ways…always.




The Axessor® CIT is a standalone lock that integrates the known ICS - Interactive Code System algorithm - as well as the simple OTC - One Time Combination function. Axessor® CIT is backwards compatible with Questor locks. Additional the Axessor® CIT provides all the functionality of an Axessor® IP. It can be networked at any time by adding an optional eBox.

One Time Code : Operation in ICS or OTC mode is completely key less and without cable connection. The lock is virtually linked to the management software by the proprietary algorithm and the opening and closing codes exchanged between the lock and the software. The more sophisticated and patented ICS mode includes a programmable code expiry time, duress notification function and power level monitoring for battery and external power supply.


Multi-Mode Operation : If one plus one equals more than two this is surely true for parallel mode operation in the Axessor® CIT. Depending on the requirements, the normal bank mode operation can be backed up by an emergency opening using one time code operation, e.g. while lock is in a time locking period. Other combinations of how the different operating modes can be combined are possible. Of course, lock opening can still be restricted to one time code or bank mode operation only.

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PAXOS Advance 


The Paxos® system and Paxos® compact high security locks have been available on the market since 1988. They are widely used on vaults, safes, ATMs, security repositories and many high-end security premises. Over a course of millions of operating hours, Paxos® has proven technology and reliability time and time again. 

Paxos® advance is the new, fully- redundant motorized lock powered by battery, mains power or UPS. The use of the optional I/O box allows Paxos® advance to be connected to alarm systems, and access control systems effortlessly.

Modularity : From a simple single- lock system to fully- configured multiple- lock operation and connection to alarm and monitoring systems, the modular design makes it possible.

Input unit : The two tried-and- tested methods of Input, keyboard and dial knob, were adopted from the Paxos® compact . The electronic system has  been completely overhauled to allow the parallel use of several input units.


Redundant high-security lock : The size of the lock housing has been standardized. The attachment points were selected to make replacing both mechanical and Paxos® compact locks extremely easy. Despite its more compact design, the Paxos® advance lock is every bit as strong.

I/O box : This important system component forms the link between Paxos® advance and external systems. Configurable inputs and outputs, and an additional serial audit log interface, round off the variety of features provided by the I/O box.

Programming-/Audit-Software AS 354 : The powerful programming and audit software AS 354 allows the complete Paxos® advance system to be configured automatically. 


Audit Software AS 356 : The audit software provides detailed, chronological audit of the events performed at any time. It supports all the user options standard today, such as filtering for users and events, exporting the data in a variety of formats, and extensive analysis functions. This guarantees that no attempts to open or manipulate the system remain unnoticed.


LaGard 700 Series


LA GARD has been an industry leader in the safe lock sector for nearly half of a century. The LA GARD 700 Series embodies the original tried-and-true features and long legacy of LA GARD high-security function along with advanced technological features.

The LA GARD Basic, ComboGardPro, AuditGard, SmartLinc/II and SmartPoint have been elevated and now embodied in the new LA GARD 700 Series. Featuring a modern interface both in appearance and technology, the 700 Series incorporates the same reliable security features and functions of LA GARD — a legendary and iconic name that you know and trust — now dormakaba LA GARD.

The LA GARD 700 Series is ideal for commercial industries (financial, legal, pharmaceutical, retail), vault storage, government (HSL and law enforcement), and residential/personal. With five models to choose from, the series offers a range of features and options to fit almost any safe lock need.

Security : The ultimate in state-of-the-art electronic safe locks designed to support the ever-changing needs of today’s world

Efficiency : Lower total cost of ownership, fewer battery changes, ease of use, simplified inventory management

Confidence : From a name you know and trust

User Experience : Unified software platform, feature-rich

OLED display, simplified user-prompts

Reliability : Confirmed by third-party Reliability Test lab; certified by VdS, UL, EN1300, SBSC, CNPP a2p

Excellence : Quality commitment backed by 2 year warranty; extended warranty available, world-class support, modern dormakaba design aesthetic

Display : OLED keypad featuring on-screen prompts

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The Challenge : While the front of ATMs are accessed by customers with individual cards and PINs, service personnel who access the back of an ATM have traditionally used the same lock combination. Bank employees, cash replenishers, technical service reps, repair personnel - all using the same combination to open an ATM safe that typically holds tens of thousands of dollars in cash.

The Solution : The answer is the Cencon ATM Cash Vault Security System from Kaba, designed to combat insider theft from ATMs through the combined use of lock hardware, systems software and Smart Keys™. The Cencon system offers total access control and accountability with its One Time Combination™ feature. The One Time Combination is dispatched from a central location and cannot be reused at a later date, thus eliminating temptation. Unique software allows you to control and monitor tens, hundreds, even thousands of locks located anywhere in the World - from one central location. 

FLM Mode : Designed for First Line Maintenance personnel, the FLM mode of the Cencon lock permits the dispatch center to give a One Time Combination to a technician "on the fly." FLM personnel are each issued a Smart Key and call their dispatch center to request a One Time Combination. Once used, this combination will not function again, thus insuring absolute access control.


Route Mode : While permitting the same access control as FLM Mode, Route Mode additionally permits pre-defined routes for armored cash replenishers. Route personnel are each issued a Smart Key. A route of locks may be assigned permitting route personnel to access a series of locks without contacting their dispatch center. 

Bank Mode : Bank Mode is designed for bank personnel who may need access to the Cencon system lock but do not wish to operate through a dispatch center. Smart Keys and combinations are issued to bank personnel who may unlock the Cencon lock at any time. 

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