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For nearly five decades, Mul-T-Lock has been a worldwide leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing high-security locking products and access control solutions for institutional, commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Mul-T-Lock has built an international reputation based on unique design, and adaptation to changing market needs. Our products comply with the highest international standards, such as UL, CEN, VDS, SKG, CPC, A2P and ISO 9001/2000, ISO14001, SI 18001. Mul-T-Lock sells a vast arsenal of field-proven, high-security solutions through our selling units and via a global distribution network of 80 countries.

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CLIQ® is an electromechanical security system with high-end microelectronics, programmable keys, and cylinders, enabling superior locking capabilities. The system offers a variety of mechanical and electronic systems, which can be mixed and matched to meet different, flexible security and access needs.

Available in the global marketplace, Available in the global marketplace, it provides tailored access and key management solutions for all kinds of locking applications.

A wire-free system, each key can be programmed and updated individually, to grant access to specific areas, at specific times and dates, accommodating constantly changing access requirements and ensuring maximum flexibility. The system is powered by a battery inside the programmable CLIQ key.


Electromechanical locking system for facilities such as: hospitals and medical centers, commercials offices, apartments and condominiums, academic campuses, museums and heritage buildings, remote communications & infrastructure sites, airports, banks and industrial plants, etc.

Features : 

  • Wire-free system

  • Easy to install and cost-effective

  • Compatible with a variety of lock types

  • Audit trail report, up to 1000 last events

  • Time based authorisation

  • Electronic key cancellation, addition and replacement

  • Sequence lock: specific sequence keys open the cylinder at specific time

  • In-key battery

  • Dust/water resistance

  • Option: key which incorporates also an RFID transponder for integration with RFID systems

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With Mul-T-Lock’s patented new HaspLock, you’ll never lose a padlock again! Simply because the padlock is an inseparable part of the hasp. This convenient, fully mechanical and highly cost-effective locking solution is as robust and burglar-resistant as its predecessors, with one significant advantage: the padlock and hasp are incorporated into one hardened steel unit, with a locking pin that cannot be removed.

Suggested Applications : 

  • Telecommunication facilities, where technicians come and go, mislaying locks all too often while they work Industrial and residential premises

  • Warehouses and storerooms, opened each morning and locked every evening, providing ample opportunity to lose the lock in between

  • Facilities used by numerous people all day long Military facilities

  • Delivery trucks

  • Gates

  • Vending machines


Specifications : 

  • High Security locking mechanism

  • Key-retaining function

  • Body: hardened steel investment casting

  • Hardened, non-removable 13 mm diameter locking pin platforms

  • Available with all Mul-T-Lock telescopic-pin cylinder

  • Same footprint as Hasp C13

  • Dust cover and drill protection

  • Installation by welding, or with standard screws when welding is not possible

Advantages : 

  • Security level 6 according to EN 12320

  • Unique product – all parts joined together and cannot be lost Patented product & registered design

  • Highly cost-effective

  • User-friendly operation & installation

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Mul-T-Lock’s patented High Security Interactive platform raises the user’s level of security to new heights, thanks to several special features:

  • A spring-loaded pin placed inside the cylinder plug, which produces a “virtual combination” when the key with the floating pin is inserted.

  • Mul-T-Lock’s unique telescopic pin tumbler mechanism, with internal and external pins – requiring the simultaneous alignment of both internal and external shear lines for the plug to rotate.

  • A specially designed plug, which forms a spherical, 3-dimensional shear line with the top and bottom pins, within the cylinder body.

  • Key limitation is ensured by the patented key and key blank, supplied together with a coded Mul-T-Lock key card in every Interactive package. Additional keys may be cut by authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers, upon presentation of the key card – in accordance with Mul-T-Lock’s official key cutting procedures.

  • Steel inserts with high drill resistance

  • High pick and bumping resistance

  • Optional side and back pins, specially suited for master key systems.


The Interactive platform meets the requirements of some of the most stringent European and American standards.

The Interactive platform is retro-compatible with the Mul-T-Lock Classic platform, allowing the upgrading of existing locks from Classic to Interactive High Security.

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Mul-T-Lock Master Key Systems (MKS) can be applied to any of our high security locking solutions and are designed to scale as your locking needs grow. Users can be given a single mastered key to unlock all or selected doors, dramatically reducing the number of keys in circulation and enabling more dynamic access control. 

Master key systems (MKS) are smart, scalable and super- effective keying solutions in which selected keys are configured to open a number of predefined entries, using different types of locking products and efficient planning.


These locking systems provide organisations with seamless access control while economising on the number of keys in circulation. Mul-T-Lock’s MKS Design tool and MASTERpiece software enable you to enjoy an unmatched technological product.


Mul-T-Lock offers a wide range of master key solutions to address the varying needs of different business sectors and their unique environments. Our professionals will help you design, build and maintain a highly effective and efficient system that ideally suits your needs, providing you with ongoing expert support throughout the installation and implementation process. MasterKey Formats available to choose from :

  • Hierarchical Format - Top-down structure. You program several levels of key authorisation with the higher levels authorized to open lower levels. Grand Master key can open every cylinder in the system, while at the lowest levels, each key can open only a single lock. 

  • Matrix Format - Based on a Matrix chart, in which each column represents a cylinder, and each row a key holder. You indicate the locks that each key holder is authorised to open.

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