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CBRN Threat Management & Response Software

NOVA CBRN TECHNOLOGIES pioneers in the development of CBRN Threat Management & Response Software. This Software enables data integration from multiple dissimilar systems (such as Chemical/Biological/Radiation Detection Systems, Weather information systems, GIS Mapping & GPS Tracking Systems, Health Status Systems, NAS Storage System) into a single user friendly GUI. 


NOVA is proud to announce that this CBRN Software has been duly certified by the STQC (Software Quality Control) Branch, Govt. of India, and has already been delivered and successfully commissioned by NOVA on various Indian Defence projects. 

The Software offers two types of GUI - Simplified Real-Time Version, which has been developed primarily for Field Usage ; Elaborate Non-Real Time Version that provides detailed information required for Post-event Analysis of the CBRN Attack. The CBRN Software is fully customizable as per the client’s specifications and has been developed in LINUX OS to ensure complete platform stability.

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