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Tradeways Ltd. is a recognised leader in the international Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) Defense Community, specialising in the fielding of NBC Defense equipment by allied governmental organisations. We pride ourselves in introducing Battelle’s REBS (Resource Effective Bioidentification System). It represents a major breakthrough in biological defense. It’s a highly cost-efficient system providing unprecedented accuracy, reliability, and flexibility across applications. REBS is a fully automated solution that is able to accurately detect, identify and enumerate hundreds of biological threats & pathogens, without using expensive liquid reagents requiring cold storage logistics. 




  • Fully automated; operates unattended, 24/7 for minimum 2 1⁄2 weeks, or longer depending on sample cycle setting.

  • Faster than PCR; provides results in 20-30 minutes.

  • Simultaneous analysis/detection of all library agents.

  • Field expandable library; currently detects the US CDC Primary Agents of Concern List, but can be expanded to detect thousands of agents. Customer specific agents can be added in 1-2 weeks. Field detections can be added on-site directly from the onboard spectra record.

  • High sensitivity; 5 – 6 times below hazard likely concentrations.

  • Low life cycle costs; Raman based technology; no wet chemical/assays affording the elimination of traditional consumables that are expensive, require refrigeration & high logistic burden and have a short shelf life.

  • Operates up to 18 hours on batteries or 24/7 on line power.

  • Confirmatory sample retained upon detection and maintains a 3-month record and spectra of all analytical runs.

  • Networkable; up to several hundred units can be networked into a detector array and controlled/operated remotely, at a command center via a dedicated fully developed software package.

  • Extensive US Government, Independent Lab, and Practical (Subway) Testing; showing 100% detection of target agents with no misidentification and zero false positives, zero false alarms in an ambient background of bacteria, mold and Arizona test dust.

  • Designed to MIL-Spec. Standards; suitable for un-sheltered outdoor operation.

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