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PROENGIN is a leader in the unique Flame Spectrophotometry technology (FPD) which covers a full range of chemical and biological threats. This field-proven technology provides fast and reliable detection for an array of Chemical & Biological Warfare Agents (CWAs), Toxic Industrial Chemicals/Toxic Industrial Materials, 4th generation agents, binary agents, Novichok Agents, and opioids with the lowest false alarm rate in the market.




AP4C is a portable chemical contamination control device used to detect directly chemical agents in the form of vapor, aerosols, dust and with the S4PE in the form of liquid.


AP4C is the hand held detector with the largest range of detectable products.

AP4C detects compounds of phosphorus (such as all G, V agents: GA, GB, GD, GE, GF, VE, VX), compounds of sulfur (such as H, HD, HL agents), Arsenic compounds (contained in L, SA, DM) and other gases such as Ammonia, Cyanogen chloride, Cyahydric Acid, etc.

AP4C also detects all the precursors of the above chemicals.

The high sensitivity and fast response time make the AP4C especially suitable to check up contamination. It also fits check up after decontamination.


Detects simultaneously agents on the 4 channels.
Very sensitive to detect all G agents (GA, GB, GD, GE, GF, VE, VX, etc…) even if the agent is not pure or manufactured in poor conditions.

Detects agents in all forms: vapor – aerosols – droplets – dust agents and frozen agents.

Detects liquid agents spread on most surfaces (VX, thicked SOMAN, HD at low temperatures.

Detects agents in water, on the skin (medical use).

Capability to detect TIC’s: PH3, PARATHION on P channel – PCl3, NH3, NOx on HNO channel – SO2, SF6, CS2, H2S, H2SO4 on S channel – AsH3 on As channel.


And hundred of others gases...




AP4C-V detector is used to detect chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals.

It is used in more than 40 countries by various organisations: Armed Forces, Civil Defense, Police Forces, Customs, First responders, etc.

AP4C-V is a Chemical Agent Detector used in fixed positions (shelters, storage areas) or mobile (reconnaissance vehicles, light vehicles…).

AP4C-V’s detectors are able to detect all vomiting agentsall blood agentsall nerve agents and all blister agents, the same agents which are detected by AP4C.


AP4C-V has been designed for an easy installation outside a vehicle(Contamination and detection remaining outside the vehicle), for a real time monitoring of toxic gas concentration and alarm to the user.

Alarms and measurement are fully automatic and require no action from the vehicle crew at any moment. AP4C-V can easily be connected to the central control system of a vehicle and be adapted to any customer software.

AP4C-V is particularly suitable for use on a reconnaissance vehicle:

  • Fast remote initialization

  • Immediate identification and measurement

  • Data transmission by remote control

  • Unaffected by wind direction and speed, up to 65 mp/h (110 km/h)

  • Dynamic dust filtration system

  • Fast response and return-to-zero time




AP4C-F is a chemical warfare agent detector to be used in a battlefield or urban environment on moving platforms for reconnaissance missions. AP4C-F detects in real time and simultaneously almost all chemical warfare agents and numerous toxic industrial materials.

All nerve agents, blister agents, and blood agents can be detected thus making the AP4C-F an instrument of safety. AP4C-F can detect all those agents under vapour, aerosol or liquid form.

AP4C-F is installed as a fixed alarm system and does not require any other maintenance or human intervention during one year, other than the addition of one litre of water per month. AP4C-F has the same capacity of chemical detection and the same specifications as the AP4C. It is typically installed at the air intake of buildings or critical infrastructures.


Set up procedure, calibration, filter change, purge procedure, and switch off procedure are NOT necessary. AP4C-F can be networked with other instruments. Upon alarm it can trigger the closing of the building ventilation system​.




MAB is an biological alarm monitor. It continuously analyses particles in the atmosphere, and searches for specific chemical signatures of bacteria or toxins such as anthrax, plague, Botox, legionella etc., and gives alarm when the concentration in the air of those suspect particles increases.


It allows to trigger a bio sampler to determine the pathogenic characteristics of the detected particles.

MAB immediately detects any evolution regarding to the atmospheric background and gives an alarm as soon as the measured biological characteristics exceed an adjustable threshold.

MAB does the selective sampling(particles from 2-10 microns) & chemical analysis of each particle using flame spectrometry


MAB works on a continuous basis and in real time. (response time is some seconds)

It has a very low power consumption (some watts) and a reduced sound level.

MAB can be used by untrained people and is especially adapted to the harshness of a military use (fast start-up, reliability, environmental resistance, continuous running for several days). It has already been selected by several military forces and equips several NBC reconnaissance vehicles, as it is unsensitive to diesel vapors and smokes.

Test reports are available.

MRP: INR 1,69,58,000/-

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