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Access control and data collection solutions for a wide range of applications, suitable for office or private use: benefit from flexible options. Our products offer full product compatibility and interoperability, while the software platforms address your very needs. The implementation of an efficient access control system requires collecting and processing information in real time and granting access if the requester is authorised. dormakaba offers a selection of readers and access control systems specifically designed for their intended use.

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Terminal 9700


The dormakaba Terminal 9700 sets standards in function and design. And it also saves energy thanks to the proximity sensor. The versatile modular solution stands for modern and easy time and attendance recording, smart access management and targeted employee communication. You can configure the user interface as you like. The display can be designed in the company look, with customised background images, colours, signal sounds, apps and (multimedia) content. Additional options like a biometric reader or camera round off the flexible system that can be customised to corporate requirements. 


The all-rounder with its modular upgradability represents modern and easy attendance recording as well as intelligent access management and targeted staff communication. Even multimedia contents like training films and staff info can be integrated without difficulty.

Terminal 9700

Perfect form and function:

  • Brilliant 7” touchscreen

  • Attractive standard interface

  • Freely configurable user interface (with company CD, for instance)

  • Company-specific app integration

  • Power-saving proximity sensor

  • Supports current RFID readers

  • Power supply options: 230V AC, 24V DC and Power over Ethernet (PoE)

  • Integrated microphone and speaker

  • Video function

  • WLAN and mobile connection

  • Network integration via Ethernet interface

  • Easy set-up thanks to 1-click installation

  • Optional : bluetooth-capable MRD reader for bookings with the smartphone, biometric reader, camera system.

  • Compatible with predecessor versions

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Biometric 9150


The dormakaba biometric reader 9150 is ideally suited for access solutions. With the current design it can be integrated perfectly into modern architecture. Kaba access systems can easily be extended with this biometric reader. When connected to a dormakaba access control system the dormakaba biometric reader 91 50 provides unique, simple, convenient access control. 


The compact dormakaba biometric reader 9150 fits perfectly into modern access control solutions. It combines the established identification methods RFID and fingerprint with an easy to operate touch keypad. Connected to a dormakaba access manager, the biometric reader guarantees a legally secure and unique person based data collection. 

Operating modes : Biometric identification or verification (finger or ID comparison) and optional PIN code entry.


Identification Mode : In identification mode, finger templates are transferred into the reader after the enrolment. During the booking operation, the presented finger is looked up in the reader database and the person is identified. Since badges are not in use, this mode is ideally suited in areas such as the food industry, where cards and key tags are often forbidden. In areas with a high fluctuation of personnel it reduces the time and costs for card management.

Verification Mode : In verification mode, finger templates are saved on the staff cards. During the booking operation, the presented finger is com- pared with the template on card and the person is authorised. The check of card and finger guaran- tees highest identification reliability. In this mode the number of people that use the reader is unlimited. Places of use are access points with increased security requirements and in countries where a central storage of data is not permitted.

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UHF Reader


Keyscan KU90UHF readers offer a long-range solution for parking and gate control. Featuring advanced encryption technology, the solution delivers a secure ultra-high frequency (UHF) solution that function seamlessly with Keyscan access control systems. The KU90UHF offers a read range of up to five meters and supports the ability to combine building ac- cess with parking and gate control on a single card or fob.

Utilises state-of-the-art authentication through the iCLASS SE Secure Identity Object (SIO) data model. When paired with SIO-enabled UHF credentials, the platform provides trusted and secure communication between the card and reader to prevent unauthorised access.

Convenient: Discreet hands-free authentication solution.

Dynamic: Field configurable for ease of maintenance.

Compliant: Secure Identity Object® (SIO®) technology. 


The reader includes a rugged housing that protects the antennae and electronics from harsh outdoor conditions. The readers are also built on the VESA standard and do not re- quire custom mounting hardware. Once installed, the KU90UHF can be locally configured via Ethernet port and a user-friendly web interface for ease of maintenance.

The KU90UHF reader functions only with SIO enabled UHF credentials (see over). Credentials are available as UHF only (KIUHF) or UHF and Keyscan iCLASS SE for- mat (KI4KSEUHF) providing a secure ultra-high frequency long-range parking and building access control.

WSHLDMT An optional windshield mounted credential holder is available for semi-permanent mounting in the transponder location* of your windshield. These credentials can be read from distances of up to five meters.

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Face Recognition


Modern finish design ,8-inch LCD Touch screen . High-speed processing and a large storage capacity make the terminal a powerful range: 1:50,000 user identification is carried out in 1 second.

Technology & Function:

The dormakaba 91 60M Face Recognition Terminal can be easily integrated into building structures. It has large screen ratio which supports 1:N or 1:1 face authentication.

The devices embed a web server enabling on-device enrollment, terminal configuration and transaction log retrieval. For scenarios requiring the use of contactless cards, the series also features multiple card reader or QR code reader.

Face Recognition
Easy Personnel Enrolment : 
  • New personnel enrolment and all configurations are available on both 8” Touch Screen local UI or remote software(Web UI)

High Security : 

  • Live face detection, image or video will be denied

  • Enhanced security by Android 8.1 Lolipop


Self-illumination Recognition :

  • Equipped with brightness-adjustable lights to ensure ideal lighting condition for facial recognition


Friendly Installation : 

  • With different bracket fits all kind of different environment no matter wall or half-highbarrier

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interactive cliq.jpg



CLIQ® is an electromechanical security system with high-end microelectronics, programmable keys, and cylinders, enabling superior locking capabilities. The system offers a variety of mechanical and electronic systems, which can be mixed and matched to meet different, flexible security and access needs.

Available in the global marketplace, Available in the global marketplace, it provides tailored access and key management solutions for all kinds of locking applications.

A wire-free system, each key can be programmed and updated individually, to grant access to specific areas, at specific times and dates, accommodating constantly changing access requirements and ensuring maximum flexibility. The system is powered by a battery inside the programmable CLIQ key.


Electromechanical locking system for facilities such as: hospitals and medical centers, commercials offices, apartments and condominiums, academic campuses, museums and heritage buildings, remote communications & infrastructure sites, airports, banks and industrial plants, etc.

Features : 

  • Wire-free system

  • Easy to install and cost-effective

  • Compatible with a variety of lock types

  • Audit trail report, up to 1000 last events

  • Time based authorisation

  • Electronic key cancellation, addition and replacement

  • Sequence lock: specific sequence keys open the cylinder at specific time

  • In-key battery

  • Dust/water resistance

  • Option: key which incorporates also an RFID transponder for integration with RFID systems

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Mobile Access


Opt for security with mobile access: grant people access over the mobile device easily and flexibly without compromising on security.


Mobile access integrates doors with or without network connection into your access solution network – easily, efficiently and securely.


Besides security, user friendliness plays a major role: access rights to remote locations or infrastructure systems are easily assigned on demand, on the spot. For instance, a fitter simply requests the necessary access rights per mobile phone or app and they are sent immediately to his mobile device.

Access for your employees : Mobile Access lets your employees access their workplace via their smartphone. You can also easily transfer access rights on the move.

Mobile Access
After business hours : You are ready for visits after your regular business hours. No matter whether deliveries, cleaning firms or seminars on your premises: assign access rights easily in advance. The access rights are then easily transferred to the smartphone, turning it into the access medium.


Night-time maintenance : If night-time maintenance is pending for your server room, you can assign access rights for the exact time period in advance. Mobile Access lets you fix exactly when and for how long a firm has access to your premises. 


More applications:

  • Shared office

  • Access rights for car parks

  • External security personnel

  • Training and workshops

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