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Gammasonics Institute for Medical Research Pty Ltd is recognised worldwide for innovative research and design utilising technology in the areas of Radiation Detection, Measurement and Protection. Gammasonics is a leader in cutting- edge radiation detection instruments, and offers a variety of products for Civil as well as Defense Applications.

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Austral-RAD Mini 8-in-1


The Austral-Rad Mini 8-in-1 is an intelligent unit which fulfils the requirements for both area monitor and survey meter. By removing the unit from the communication and recharging wall cradle, the unit becomes a survey meter or a contamination monitor.

The Austral-Rad Mini 8-in-1 is a multipurpose survey meter with a built-in gamma detector but can be used with optional external detector such as pancake probes or scintillators.

The Austral rad includes CMOS Processor Technology and Auto Range change over range facility Its case is of light weight rugged plastic construction for easy portability. If require Special attention has been taken make the unit not affected by electromagnetic shielded and the case is dust proof and shock resistant. The cradle / charger are fitted with Am-241 check device for self-diagnostics. Password key entry is also included for prevention of unauthorised use.



  • LCD Display: Backlit

  • Dose Display: Real time dose and accumulated dose

  • Display: Time and date

  • Battery: Displays conditions on LCD

  • Password: Resettable

  • Radiation Units: Displays mR, mR/hr, μSv, μSv/hr, CPS and CPM

  • Alarm Display: High and low alarm thresholds 

  • Conditions: Over range saturation display 

  • Electronics Diagnostic: Automatic self performed

  • Front Panel: Soft keyboard membrane

  • Can be used with Handheld/Portable devices or scintillators.

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AustralRad Area Monitor


AustralRAD Area Monitor is an extremely accessible unit which in turn increases usage and user safety.

The powerful in-built micro-controller belongs to the latest generation available today. 

The unit, besides being an area monitor, can be connected to a laptop or a PC. An additional software can also be installed on to a laptop or PC in which a program can be set to do a routine sampling of a designated area of interests.



  • High sensitivity µSv/h measurements of rate, with the capability to record Alarms at two levels

  • Ergonomic design, with Alarm Annunciation mounted on top for visibility, with sounder

  • Programmable LCD display and audible alarm

  • Wall mount design with rechargeable batteries

  • Serial and Ethernet based communication capability

  • Available with various types of detectors

Optional Features:

  • Total dose measurement taken by the unit

  • WIRELESS module

  • Temperature if the user has an external probe, with version 3.0.0 or higher then the temperature will be displayed

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ARDMS Remote & Weather


Detecting the presence of radioactive material through climatic elements within from affected areas.

The radioactive material, from an area affected by some radioactive accident, can be spread by climatic elements (wind, rain) within a radius of 30 km. Thinking about it Gammasonics has developed the Automatic Radiation Detection and Measurement System – ARDMS to detect the presence of Gamma radios also could include on request as an optional the Alpha and Beta measurement.

ARDMS is composed of a radiation detector fixed to a strategic point, a weather station, solar panel and embedded computer. Everything is controlled through an easy-to-use software installed in a powerful PC (include).Weather station software.

The Weather Station Software can access the latest weather information from the PC, receiving up to 175 sets of weather data recorded by the base station.

ARDMS Remote & Weather


  • User-friendly software

  • Powerful PC

  • Automatic radiation detection measurement system ScintiRAD for measuring gamma at low levels and x-ray

Weather Station:

  • Generate detailed graphical reports, publish your current conditions on-line

  • Time, date, seconds, time zone, weather forecasting icons with tendency arrows, air pressure, and respective alarm sections.

  • Inside / outside temperature and relative humidity, wind chill, dew point, rainfall, and respective alarm sections.

  • Wind direction, wind speed, and respective alarm sections.


  • Powered by Solar Power. The solar panels and batteries provides mobility and autonomy to the Austral-Rad Weather System

  • Alpha and Beta detection

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ARDMS Advance


Dedicated to radiation protection of the environment & security. Help to Detect effectively the illegal movement and criminal use of radioactive material.

The ARDMS Advance detectors CsI (NaI) or Plastic scintillator detector are mounted vertically at weighbridge providing full vertical coverage of the vehicle. The ARDMS has been developed to detect radiation simultaneously by the 2 towers to measure the level of activity with a minimum discrepancy between towers.

The ARDMS Advance can also be programmed to operate as a stand-alone where each tower is a detector with its own autonomy. This advantage is ideal for service of the system or if one of the towers has been damaged.

Another high standard advantage is the long-life battery that keeps the system full operating for 24 hours without power energy.

ARDMS Advance


  • CsI (NaI) or Polyvinyl Toluene (PVT) Scintillator

  • Continuous monitoring background measurement for each tower

  • Data logging: alarms, testing and scans

  • IP camera with night vision

  • Motion video of all events, allowing current and past events to be examined

  • Infrared sensors to detect & measure vehicle approach speed

  • Fully independent, does not require either internet or another system

  • Optional isotope detection using multi-channel analyser (MCA).

  • Purpose-built touchscreen control user-friendly interface, easy to operate with graphical options

  • Temperature sensor to monitor detector, an operational condition unique to Gammasonics. This facility automatically recalibrates the scintillator to accommodate the system to the different weather conditions.

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PETRON Whole Body Monitor


Makes it possible to detect Gamma helping to minimise the risk to personnel working in cyclotron facilities and national security.

This monitor has been designed to incorporate a multitude of sensors to give total protection and ensure peace of mind. It can be positioned to designated areas which have been allocated as a green or red zone – or also known as controlled and uncontrolled areas.

​This unit has been carefully designed particularly in the way that the detection of radioisotopes is performed.

Contamination of personnel can happen in the extremities such as the hands and feet. To ensure nothing is missed, this unit has been fitted with head and foot monitors beside the body sensors for total coverage. The unit can also be supplied with additional hand monitors on request, as an optional.

​The user-friendly software permits the operator, to execute incredibly precise commands to visualise and keep records of every action performed during the scanning process.



  • Full Dynamic Background Subtract

  • High Background Alarm

  • Loss Of Signal Lights

  • Fast Response for Quick Measurement

  • Water Resistant Portal And Foot Deck

  • Operating in cps, cpm, dpm, Bq, Bq/cm2, kBq/m2

  • Two levels of password security

  • Plastic detectors for optimum detection efficiency

  • The unit is fitted and designed with an automatic algorithm that minimises over activity in individual channels. This unique feature will automatically trigger an alarm condition that will be activated when the threshold is reached to warn the operator of a high level of activity in the individual.

  • Networking Capabilities

  • Additional features available upon request.

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The Gammasonics Austral-Rad Becquerel Monitor has been specifically designed and calibrated for the monitoring of food, minerals, liquids and biological products with low levels of radioactivity.

The high detection efficiency and fast decay time are the main reasons why we include an internal BGO detector with our standard unit. The 1” x 1” (25mm x 25mm) BGO detector has three times more sensitivity than NaI(TI) at 500V > 3.5 for the detection of gamma radiation. However, if preferred by the user, the unit can include a NaI(TI) scintillator depending on the required measurement of the spectrum.


The principle of the Marinelli Beaker dates back to the 1950’s, when they were specifically developed to monitor radiation in blood and urine for personnel working in research laboratories or nuclear processing plants.

The AustralRAD Becquerel Monitor uses the Marinelli Beaker principle and is widely used in many applications in a vast spectrum of industries and is key to conducting accurate volumetric measurements of isotopes. Once a homogenic mix has been prepared and deposited in the Marinelli Beaker, the beaker is placed in the AustralRAD Becquerel Monitor for immediate analysis.

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NDT RAD-1, made for gamma & x-ray detection with tough, rugged & weather proof case designed for extreme conditions

The NDT RAD-1 industrial radiation alarm unit is a dedicated industrial radiation detector, which is housed in water/weather proof case and utilises a famous PELICAN transport case. The unique design of the NDT RAD-1 takes this unit into a wide range of applications where reliable and tough equipment is required.

The NDT RAD-1 can also be quickly deployed (suitable for Police, National Security, Defence Forces and State Emergency Authorities).


• Postal service
• Transport organisations • Industrial radiography • Emergency response
• Industrial mining
• Defence
• National security
• Nuclear plants



  • Visual & audible alarm indications

  • Tough weatherproof case

  • 24h rechargeable battery

  • 3 meters measures tape

  • Fail safe indication


  • Incorporates the latest electronic technology, and microprocessing power

  • Wireless data transfer to an Android Tablet

  • Allows being programmed to accept English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese or Chinese languages

  • Comes with a shoulder strap and a handle permitting it to be easily carried

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